W.D.A.R Exhibitions

2018 - Cities & Jungles/Jungles & Cities-ArtHouse Southport 


2018 -Ways of Colours-ABCL1 Liverpool


2018 -ArtHouse Southport -Group Exhibition.


2016 -The Grant Bradley Gallery.SBA Arts-Group Exhibition.

2016 May - SBA Art Trail, Bristol

2015 - Friends Royal West of England Academy (RWA) 

2014 - The Grant Bradley Gallery, Bristol."Living in a Magic Forest"

2014-Galeria Rio Sul - T.V Globo Volta Redonda, Rio de Janeiro

(We won awards and interviewed on TV)

Watch the video

2014-Galeria Rio Sul- T.V Globo Resende, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-Group Exibition

Watch the video

2013-Primitive Secrets-Parlour Showrooms, Bristol 

2012-Interview on Brazilian T.V about William Duncan's art work with recycled materials

2012-Exposição 3 Asas Um Só Coração Do Caiçara ao Pop

(Three wings , just one heart)-Paraty,Brazil

2012-Galeria Rio Sul- T.V Globo Resende, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-Group Exibition

2010- The Strength of Beauty-Galeria Belvedere,Paraty, Brazil - Group Exhibition

2009- Monalisede Paratienses-Galeria Belvedere,Paraty,Brazil-Group Exhibition

2008-W.D.A.R Studio-Paraty-Brazil

2008-Street Art Central, São Paulo,Brazil with Alex Rezende

2008-Masks. Solo exhibition, Brazilian British Centre,São Paulo,Brazil

2007-São Paulo Underground station art work with Alex Rezende and Ilka Lemos

2006-Touring exhibition of show 'Women in Cycles' in São Paulo,Brazil

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